Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Workout~ February 13th

So today was actually the FIRST day I did not feel sore from last weeks workouts with my trainer! Whoa! Ready and set for 2nd week of 4 of these workouts!

Okay so just got done with workout with my trainer...I swear last week I totally felt like (holy friggin cow are you serious???) when he was making me do these "burn-out" workouts...quite frankly I didn't think I could do it!  But I did and this week I did even MORE reps from last week! woot! woot! The power of the mind and mental focus!  So I was told to do cardio after and I was going to run outside but then decided not too because I literately felt like my sweat would turn to icicles, so I stayed inside and did the following
Jump rope for 2 min (alternating high knees, scissor jumps, abyss (side twisting right to left), then reg feet together) in increments of 20 jumps each...
then did the Zwow3 workout from www.facebook.com/ZuzkaLight  (Chose this one because I had a major day on the arms with my trainer)
Then did 2 more min on the jump rope like above....

So Awesome...the last time I did the Zwow3 workout was last week on the 7th and my time was 15:04, this week around I did it in 12:20! Yee haw!

I am feeling so much stronger! Even last weeks workout, to this first Monday back my dips tonight felt alot more "doable" last week it felt like my triceps were going to RIP away from my arms...this week not AS bad ;)

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